Wig Making

wig making

6 Weeks


24 Kensignton Cresent, Kingston 5   View map



This specialised Wig Making Course will allow you to address many key areas. Learn to work wonders with wigs during this 6-week course. Packed with practical, hands-on tasks, advance your abilities by learning about the very latest materials and techniques for fashioning high-quality wigs for your customers. How to identify the different types of hair, lace, full lace, front lace, the proper wrap, taking measurements, making moulds, the end plaster technique, all techniques of knotting and more!

Led by masters of their craft, this will allow you to access the tricks of the trade that only those with years of experience in the field can bring. We at Leon’s School of Beauty Culture appreciate the kind of knowledge that only great experience can bring. This is an opportunity for you to tap into that knowledge hone your skills and develop the confidence to deal with any situation that arises.

Tuition and Application Costs

All students are required to pay the $2,00.00 Application Fee prior to Enrollment which will reserve a space in the class on your desired start date based on availability. Students are required to take a written test before registration. Registration fees are as followed:

  • Application Fee and tuition – J$20,500.00 (J$2,000 Non-Refundable Registration Fee + $20,500.00 Tuition payment).

Cosmetology Kit/Uniform

Your Cosmetology Kit will be given to you upon registration.

Students are required to wear a white uniform (not provided by the school).